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Club Policies

Code of Conduct:

The Berwick Netball Club prides itself on being an inclusive and family friendly club. To ensure this, all members are required to abide by the clubs Code of Conduct.

Player Commitment and Discipline:

The Player Commitment and Discipline Policy seeks to promote and strengthen the good reputation of netball, and the club by establishing standards of performance and behaviour for Berwick Netball Club Players.


All members (players, parents, coaches, umpires) are expected to adhere to the clubs by-laws which cover a variety of topics on how the club is to be run. In addition to the day to day running of the club, the by-laws also cover the following areas:

  • Team selection

  • Player selection on court during season

  • Player selection on court during finals

  • Dispute resolution process


Berwick Netball Club is an Incorporated Association. The constitution document sets out the clubs purpose, structure and methods of operating.


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