Down at the Doves

May 27, 2017



For our Round 6 matches, our Wicker Chicks made their way to the home of Doveton, for what was promising to be a great day of netball. A mixed bag of results across the day for our teams, but we all came away with many positives to carry on into this week.

With our opposition only having one court at their home ground, it proved a very early start for our U13’s, a late start for A grade, and a change of venue for two of our junior teams. A big thank you goes to every volunteer, spectator and supporter that stuck around through out the day and across the two different locations. Our girls cannot get out on court and play the game we all love without the support you give, both at home and away games, and your contribution, big or small, does not go un-noticed.

The results from last round were as follows;

13 Red def Doveton 40-10
13 White def Doveton 23-4
15 Red def Doveton 33-21
15 White def Doveton 37-14
17 Red def by Doveton 26-36
17 White def by Doveton 20-27
D Grade def by Doveton 14-29
C Grade def Doveton 43-33
B Grade def by Doveton 35-38
A Grade def by Doveton 51-57

Each and every week, our club as a whole, are proving critics wrong and blowing preconceived ideas out of the water. Re-building a club takes time, and we are starting to see this growth provide dividends. This credit goes to every member involved within the Berwick Netball Club, players and coaches especially. We love the pride you show in wearing the Wicker dress, and the determination to be the best you can be out on the court with every round of netball you play.

As we come into Round 7 for our next home game, a few parting words for all players from our Head Coach, Janine Kilmartin. “ As we look to ROC - we believe in ourselves, we stay with composure, we deliver with confidence and together we complete"

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